Date : 21.04.2018 // Venue : Bangaluru


Music Event

Music that touches the heart is the most successful….we help to connect music to the listeners’ heart

Artist Management

We bridge the gap between the audience and the right talent, using our expertise to successfully provide the best talent for the right kind of audience

Corporate Events

We understand the corporate event needs and hence we properly conceive and execute them to deliver business results.


Awards are meant to recognize the capability of an individual or a team. We assist in everything – from concepts to planning to designing to execution


Our Films


Our mission is to create ground breaking unconventional movies and distribute it to the world. We aim to develop, produce and distribute engaging films with a social significance and offer inspiring messages to the viewers. We are poised to establish ourselves as an industry leader in producing feature films that relays and ignites true purpose and passion for ourselves as well as the viewers.

We endeavor to deliver the best of the feature films, aided by a creatively strong, professional in-house team, that convey the true passion and purpose of film making.


Griebs media is a production house geared to cater to your short film production needs while catering to convert your innovative concepts into films at budgets and time frames that suit your needs. We strive to deliver the best available solutions for short films, aided by a strong team of in-house professionals and a focus on creativity and intellectualism, filled with a passion for short films. We consider each short film as a showcase for our next project and treat each client as a part of our creative process.

Our confidence flows from the great and passionate team that we have and the creative abilities of our creative team and drives us to offer integrated services for short films.

We offer our expertise in helping organize festivals and supporting shows by locating the perfect site, licensing, and in all aspects of a festival, ensuring meeting visitors’ and organizer’s expectations.


Working with the Griebs team, has been exceptional. Good isn’t good enough for Griebs, great to perfect, is their standard!


Griebs is the best, of the best, of the best, producing beautiful videos in a timely fashion. The videos Griebs produced was able to take our company to another level.


If you love film just like us and have strong faith in filmmaking, you completely could have a chance to become one of us.


We cover each and every aspect of an event. Let us expertly arrange, manage and accomplish an unforgettable event.


Griebs Media & Productions Pvt. Ltd. is a Kolkata based neo-cultural wave in film and events scene.