Festivals are like giant get-together to celebrate the things we love, from movies to any kind of food.

We plan each event that reflects the unique culture and energy of the festivals. Be it a Food or a film festival, or maybe a book fair or a tourism fair, we do it all, from planning to execution. We believe in three simple steps, association-application-advertising. We work on innumerable details which include, but are not limited to staffing and emergency planning. With that much planning and preparation, we pledge to you that the festival blows up without a hitch.


Studio Z1 sound stage

A full sound stage with both sound proofing and sound deadening studio walls

Equipment Hire

With over 15 years experience we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen, on time on budget and where you need it.

Flexible Office Space

This great Filmmaker and producer Website template service page is the place for you to show your all services.

Green Room

Great Perfect space to hold meetings with clients, cast and crew. What’s a WordPress movie theme!